Just the Same !

Happiest Birthday 🙂

To the one, who loved me to every end,
And to the one, who left me to fevery end..

To the one, who took out fiend from my way,
And to the one, whom I’ve loved anyway..

To the one, who made me stand in the tide,
And to the one, who left me behind..

To the one, who could sense my restive surge,
And to the one, who cannot sense my needless urge..

To the one, whose touch made my heart skip the beat,
And to the one, whose grudge made heart flip the beat..

To the one, who imaginarily slept over to glamorize my sleep,
And to the one, who materially slept with her to terrorize my sleep..

To the one, whose morning’s dear was me,
And to the one, whose awful nightmare is me..

To the one, who has broken the rules, And to the one, whom I have loved like a fool..

Happiest Birthday, To the boy who is a man now..
And also to the one, who was my man anyhow.


The difference !

One day.

I met her,

Those eyes, limbs and every inch of the body just like mine,

But with a difference, for she had boy cut hair.

‘ you look just like me, but why this haircut .’ I asked.

To which she replied,

‘ because I want to feel free .’

Stood there, wondering.

How can one feel free with the kind of hair she had !! ?


Years later.

I met myself,

Perfecting the match of every inch with her,

But with a difference yet again,

For now, I wanted to cut my hair short just like her….

To feel free ! ….

To explore the beauty of being not a free bird, but simply a human being .

Today, I want to live her life for once .

Paroxysm of WE !

One day,
There will be no gain,
There will be no rain,
One fine day, my silly face will not blaze on your phone’s screen and there will be no contact with my name’s feed.
On that day, we’ll make our thoughts peacefully slide and let our destinies hopefully guide. Wandering on the roads of beauty and love, we’ll look for each other like some spy. Looking up for the stars at night, we’ll make our ankles twist to get a high. Swinging merely on the slides, we’ll click funny pictures with lots of styles. Clinging the knots of your ties, I’ll manage the table with your files. Waiting for your warm replies, I’ll invite these winters with a lovely smile. Listening to your husky voice, we’ll go out under the dusky sky. Surrounded by each other’s classy vibes, we’ll listen to your playlist on our drives. Planning together our protien diets, we’ll train each other like our guides.
Tossing in the bed every night, I’ll make your chest my sleeping pile.
And a sudden longing for these days, make me haze to your gaze!!

~ Pranjali .

Cycle of bloom and doom .

Moments will make you,

Then they’ll break you,

Till that time your bones will get strong enough to save you.

People will kiss you,

Then they’ll miss you,

Till that time your heart will play tricks to grave you.

Nights will excite you,

Then they’ll besiege you,

Till that time your blanket will glide to soak you.

Everything you own will drown you, Person you trust will frown you.

But even after all those nightmares,

You’ll love.

You’ll breathe.

You’ll fly.

You’ll laugh.

You’ll cry.

You’ll again put yourself in that honey trap.

You’ll die a death of beauty and peace.

But revolving around this cycle of bloom and doom, one fine day you’ll liberate your room.

Rebels with exuberance !

Those with light spirits, fly high.

Having been a part of social circle which appreciates and embarks upon logical learning, many of us are unable to promote emotional learning within ourselves. Revolving our lives around bragging about competent qualifications, we often are left with temporary excitement.

Materialism isn’t the Realism… This is what I experienced today, being among a group of some cheerful, chirpy spirits.

Though, I consider myself truly blessed, for having been born in a family with good socio- economic status, but being with these kids made me actually realize for how much more lucky these imperfect spirits are for being blessed with the power of imagination and courage to dream. Inspite of being born in the families, which are not financially too good, they’ve remarkable and inimitable desire to LEARN and LEAD.

Each one of these and many more like them, dare to dream of a different life and walk miles to acquire knowledge and skills. They do not entitle themselves only to academic success, but also life success. Not a single one from these zealous girls want to limit themselves to those narrow streets.

“I want to be a teacher…. Scientist… Engineer… Doctor….” were the words of those real Rebels. Not just words, these are the dreams and aspirastions of these girls.

‘ Those who retain a hope in their hearts and a spark in the spirits,

Are the rebellious ones. ‘

Support their dreams by making them realize that, they are loved and valued. That they too like everyone, can realize their dreams, if they remain unmoved by any force. Raise the humanity to another level.

Try and Be a part of their lives, for all of us need to learn from them : the art of living the dreams with exuberance.

Had a cherry day with these cheerful spirits.

To the Healing !

No one gets better overnight !

Neither those swollen eyes,
Nor those broken tiles,
Either fall from the sky,
Or rise above so high..
Twist your ankle to reach the height,
And loosen your arms to feel the flight..
Make a move to shine so bright,
For you can stand against the fight..
Grip your fingers and punch so tight,
For you can stand against the plight..
Take either left or turn towards right,
But be sure you use the torchlight.
Once you get hurt, cry for a night,
But be sure that next day you’re superlight.
Then head towards bragging the prizefight,
And soon turn up grabbing the spotlight..
Because we all are firelight,
And own the potential to turn into earthlight….

Time heals ….

A letter to Her !

There would be those days, when your spirit would grip your chest, forcing you to stay in bed. But, attending to those negative thoughts would be futile. So you’ll have to get up.

There would be those nights, when your worn out eyes will force you to shut off those doors. But, that cold moon outside your bedroom window will not let you sleep.

There would be those moments, when a knife would twist itself deep into your soul. But, the beating heart and the throbbing head, would keep you alive.

When you’d become a part of this world, your little eyes would sparkle just like those stars around the moon. Your soft hands would hold my finger and feet would step onto mine, while learning to walk. Your anklet would make sweet and melodic sound, when you will cling to my shadow…

And then you will grow up.

Maybe, I’d not be there to wipe off those tears. But the handkerchief bearing the embroidery of your name, would still be there.

Maybe, my tender arms would not be there to provide you warmth and comfort. But the blanket we’ve shared since you were a baby, would still be there.

Maybe, I’d not be able to answer your call or my voice won’t reach your ears. But, all the voice notes I’ve been recording since a long time, would be there in a folder on the desktop.

Maybe, when you will wear that white dress, I’d not be there to look at you. But, all those clothes we’ve bought together since you’ve become a part of my life, would be there in suitcase kept in my room.

Forgive me dear, if I’d get late from work on fewer occasions. But, the dinner would be there in the microwave and the CDs of our favourite movies would be there in the shelf.

No matter where you are, I’ll always be there to support and empower you. My love, you will never be alone.